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  Project Manager
LIANE R. GRANT - Certified Translator, OTTIAQ

Holds an M.A. in Translation Studies and a B.A. in Translation from Concordia University; currently pursuing a PhD in Translation at Université de Montréal (Research topic: improving the volunteer translation process).

  Advisory Committee


North American French Evangelism Coordinator, United Pentecostal Church International


Metro Missionary to Montreal


Director of Operations for Purpose Institute International and former missionary to France

Translators of Antiquity and the Middle Ages worked under the protection of either the Church or the king. Putting quill to scroll to propagate ancient wisdom was considered a sacred task. Early translators such as Ulfila, Cyril and Methodius were actually missionary-evangelists charged with spreading the Gospel by making it accessible to other language groups.  Translators usually worked in teams, and they would kneel at the feet of the king to present a completed manuscript as a gift. Many dedicated their lives to this holy calling; they translated because they had a mission.  Their works were esteemed as treasures and were carefully preserved for future generations.

The King’s Translators is a team of volunteers who are passionate about the ministry of translating apostolic resources from English to French. In order to ensure the quality of the translation and revision process, the group includes both French and English speakers. Certain projects require a professional revision, for which we must find a sponsor; however the typical project cost is greatly reduced through the work of our volunteers. If you would like to join The King’s Translators or if you wish to sponsor a book translation, please contact us.

Liane R. Grant, Project Manager

Our Vision

The King’s Translators team is committed to producing French translations of English apostolic resource materials that are: faithful to the source text content and style; idiomatic and readable in the target language; and in conformity with French language norms and our house style guide.


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