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  Project Manager
LIANE R. GRANT - Certified Translator, OTTIAQ

Holds an M.A. in Translation Studies and a B.A. in Translation from Concordia University; currently pursuing a PhD in Translation at Université de Montréal (Research topic: improving the volunteer translation process).

  Advisory Committee


North American French Evangelism Coordinator, United Pentecostal Church International


Metro Missionary to Montreal


Director of Operations for Purpose Institute International and former missionary to France

Translators of Antiquity and the Middle Ages worked under the protection of either the Church or the king. Putting quill to scroll to propagate ancient wisdom was considered a sacred task. Early translators such as Ulfila, Cyril and Methodius were actually missionary-evangelists charged with spreading the Gospel by making it accessible to other language groups.  Translators usually worked in teams, and they would kneel at the feet of the king to present a completed manuscript as a gift. Many dedicated their lives to this holy calling; they translated because they had a mission.  Their works were esteemed as treasures and were carefully preserved for future generations.

The King’s Translators is a team of volunteers who are passionate about the ministry of translating apostolic resources from English to French. In order to ensure the quality of the translation and revision process, the group includes both French and English speakers. Below is an overview of the process; perhaps it will serve to inspire other translation teams.

Certain projects require a professional revision, for which we must find a sponsor; however the typical project cost is greatly reduced through the work of our volunteers. If you would like to join The King’s Translators, if you wish to sponsor a book translation, or if you have any suggestions to improve our process, please contact us.

Liane R. Grant, Team Administrator

Translation and Revision Process

Once we receive the required permissions to translate a book, the first step is to scan or type the English book, remove the graphics and prepare the text for the translators. We then create a glossary of terms for the translators, along with translation style guidelines.

Then, the team members translate portions of the text. English translators also serve as revisers for the material translated by French speakers, to ensure that the English text has been correctly interpreted. In turn, the French translators edit the translations of the English speakers, to verify the quality of vocabulary and syntax.

During the third step, an editor reviews the corrected translations for consistency in terminology and style. We use “Antidote” software to correct any spelling and grammatical errors. The next step includes a thorough editing by a French speaker who does not know English, to ensure that the translation is as natural and idiomatic as possible.

The final step involves page layout, reinserting graphics and preparing the text for printing and distribution. Each book is assigned an ISBN number and is deposited with the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec and with Canada Library and Archives.

Publications and Projects (click on the resource tab to order materials)

Many of these resources are available as free downloads at

Kids Power Hour

  • L’Atelier du Maître (Master’s Care)
  • Chevaliers du Royaume (Knights of the Kingdom)
  • Recherche et Sauvetage (Search ‘n Rescue)
  • Une vie pleine de fruits (A Fruitful Life)
  • La plongée au trésor (Diving for Treasure)
  • Prière puissante (Prayer Power)


  • La fille en robe (The Girl in the Dress) – Lori Wagner et al - Sponsored by Quebec Ladies Ministries
  • Couverte d'amour (Covered by Love) - Wagner and Oakes - Sponsored by Atlantic Ladies Ministries
  • *Les aspects essentiels de la sainteté (Essentials of Holiness) – David K. Bernard
  • Réflexions en bref (Condensed version of bimonthly Reflections magazine) – online version available at
  • Démasquée (Unmasked)
  • La vie pure (The Pure Life – available in 2017)

Doctrine/Ministerial Resources

  • **Manuel de doctrines fondamentales (A Handbook of Basic Doctrines) – David K. Bernard
  • *Prêt à être libre (Ready to be Free) – North American Missions, UPCI
  • *Les doctrines essentielles de la Bible (Essential Doctrines of the Bible) – David K. Bernard
  • *Les aspects essentiels de la nouvelle naissance (Essentials of the New Birth) – David K. Bernard
  • Au nom de Jésus (In the Name of Jesus) - David K. Bernard
  • La dernière génération de vérité (The Last Generation of Truth) - Daniel L. Butler - Sponsored by Purpose Institute
  • Faire croître une église (Growing a Church) - Sponsored by UPCI Ladies Ministries and Louisiana District
  • La vie apostolique (The Apostolic Life) – David K. Bernard – Sponsored by Purpose Institute
  • **Le point de vue unicitaire de Jésus-Christ (The Oneness View of Jesus Christ) – David K. Bernard
  • Vivre et diriger dans le ministère (Living and Leading in Ministry) – J. Mark Jordan
  • **La nouvelle naissance (The New Birth) – David K. Bernard

Projects needing sponsors to complete translation

  • The Light of Pentecost – David Huston ($3,000)
  • Search for Truth 2 ($3,000)
  • More to Life 2 and 3 ($3,000)
  • On Being Pentecostal ($2,500)
  • Learning and Leading in Ministry ($2,000)
  • Printing of books for missions work ($2,500)

*Printing rights only (translated by others)
**Joint project with Purpose Institute